A Team is an academic, quiz bowl type of competition. Each school team is made up of 6 members and a coach. This is not a quick response trivial pursuit contest.
The host poses questions about a variety of subjects including math, science, language arts, social studies, music, and economics. The teams buzz in to answer, with the first team to buzz given the opportunity to answer the question.  Points are given for correct answers and deducted for incorrect answers. It is an extremely, competitive, fast-paced event!

School teams work hard and practice weekly to prepare for the competitions.  Teams advance through a series of three competitions. The schools that place in the top two positions will advance. Finally, the six top teams in the county will compete in the finals in the spring.

Group photo of the Valleyview A-Team
Student F.

Art Club

In Valleyview Elementary, we get to work with wonderful and talented students in He(Art) Club. Our students grow as they develop their artistic skills. Also, in He(Art) Club they develop character as they practice teamwork, responsibility, commitment and self-discipline.

Chess Club

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Young boy and girl playing and learning chess together.
Group photo of the Valleyview Elementary Choir


The Valleyview Elementary chorus is comprised of fourth and fifth grade students who enjoy music, singing and have the desire to pursue excellence in music performance.  The purpose of this organization is to teach students musical skills and to help students develop character traits that will enable them to succeed beyond the classroom.  Through the study of music, students come to understand the importance of accountability, perseverance, diligence, and teamwork. Students also learn vocal techniques and performance skills that will prepare them to study choral music at the secondary level.

Running Club

Valleyview is proud to offer Running Club for grades 2-5.  In Running Club, students learn the importance of stretching, correct running form, and the importance of stretching after running.  Students compete in a mileage club, where they can earn tokens for 5 miles, 10 miles, 20 miles and 25 miles.  Miles are tracked by a scanning system called EZ Scan.  Students are able to scan their personal running card at the end of each lap and their miles are tracked electronically. Students become knowledgeable runners and some even compete in the local Red Ribbon Run. At the end of the season, there is an awards party.  Students are recognized for mileage based on grade level, and the top male and female runner are also recognized.  The party is the highlight of running season with treats, awards and dancing.  Running Club is a great way to start running, or become a better runner.

Group photo of The Running Club